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College Girl Ieva, A Sweet Hairy Coed

Amateur Hairy Coed Ieva Gets NudeSlender amateur girl Ieva just did pretty well her freshman year of college – not hard for her, she likes to study. However, one thing she does not like to do is shave her hairy pussy! On the contrary she grows her all-natural cunt out to a sexy full bush. In this age of personal grooming devices, hairy coeds are few and far between, so we definitely approve!


Hairy Coed Coco Just Has To Get Naked

Coco is a hairy coedPretty & slender hairy coed Coco has a new apartment – always a step up from the dorm room (lesbian encounters with her roommate aside)! Now that she’s all alone & horny, she lifts her skirt and slides onto the dining room table, soft pubes curling from the edges of her underwear. Then it’s off with her panties, so we can see just what a hairy pussy she has…


Iveta is a Hairy Coed in the Bath

Hairy Coed Iveta Masturbates in BathYummm… curvy young brunette Iveta bathes her perfect natural breasts and full unshaved bush after classes one evening. Such a sexy hairy coed. She relishes the sensation of the hot water beating against her hairy pussy, and soon can’t resist the temptation to slide her fingers inside…


Hairy Coed Kate on a Solo Field Trip

Hairy coed Kate outdoorsHairy coed student Kate needs a break from her studies, so one fine weekday she skips class and heads out into the country to pick berries. Did we mention she likes to do this nude? The sun warms her young all-natural body and thick full bush, and she gets off knowing anyone could stumble across her and her hairy pussy!


The Days When Pussys Were Hairy

This is exactly why we love the college chicks. They are just like “This is who I am” and “Love me just the way I am”. No wonder why so many college chicks are hairy girls.

Angelina Dee is the best of both worlds – and hairy with both her pussy and her arm pits! Nothing makes her happy.

AngelinaDee hairy pussy hairy pits

Her boyfriends love it too – each and every one always tell her how they miss the days when pussys were hairy!

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Hairy Pussy Doesn’t Want To Study

She was studying when the mood hit her. It happens. One moment she’s studying with her head in the books, and the next moment she’s stripping her clothes down… And when she gets down to her her panties, well, she’s got a wonderful surprise there! Hairy pussy!

Mbali hairy teen pussy1

She teases us by pulling on her thong, rubbing on her hairy snatch!

And then when she raises her arms – yikes! She’s got hairy arm pits too! How sexy is that?

Mbali hairy teen pussy2

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Doesn’t Shave Her Pussy

Kriss is living at home while she’s going to college, which is kind of neat for her. Sure saves a lot of money. So in many ways it feels like nothing has changed. She wakes up and goes to school, just like she always has.

And she still doesn’t shave her pussy.

Kriss college student-hairy pussy

She’s never shaved her snatch. Why bother? The pubic hair just grows back again. So she might as well just let it grow out naturally!

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Plaid Skirts And Hairy Pussys

Veronica is so much into being a student that she has on her little plaid skirt…. And you just know what’s hidden under her plaid school girl skirt!

When she hikes that skirt up and pulls her panties over to the side… You guessed it! This hot college coed has a sexy hairy pussy!

Veronica spreads her legs hairy pussy22

Then when she spreads her legs… You can see all of her hairy pussy! And deep inside of her….

Veronica spreads her legs hairy pussy23

She’s not hiding anything behind her pubic hair -it’s the same exact snatch we’ve known and loved for years! But now with window dressing!

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