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Hairy Pussy Doesn’t Want To Study

She was studying when the mood hit her. It happens. One moment she’s studying with her head in the books, and the next moment she’s stripping her clothes down… And when she gets down to her her panties, well, she’s got a wonderful surprise there! Hairy pussy!

Mbali hairy teen pussy1

She teases us by pulling on her thong, rubbing on her hairy snatch!

And then when she raises her arms – yikes! She’s got hairy arm pits too! How sexy is that?

Mbali hairy teen pussy2

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Hot And Hairy Student

Lidiya loves being herself and everyone at school knows it! She’s not exactly the bashful type…

And now everyone on campus knows she’s got a hairy pussy!

Lidiya hairy teen-snatch

But only so few people get to see her hairy pussy!

Her hairy pussy is for her personal enjoyment – and maybe for those people who she wants to make love to!

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Doesn’t Shave Her Pussy

Kriss is living at home while she’s going to college, which is kind of neat for her. Sure saves a lot of money. So in many ways it feels like nothing has changed. She wakes up and goes to school, just like she always has.

And she still doesn’t shave her pussy.

Kriss college student-hairy pussy

She’s never shaved her snatch. Why bother? The pubic hair just grows back again. So she might as well just let it grow out naturally!

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Big Boobs And A Hairy Snatch

Cindy has big breasts – the biggest breasts on campus. But it’s also a little known fact that she has a hairy pussy too!

And she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Cerah Shorts 096

Big boobs and a super hairy beaver!

Imagine taking home Cindy and finding out that not only does she have huge boobs, but also a hairy snatch!

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Hot And Hairy Pussy

She got out of high school for a few years and then waited to go back to college – but the one thing that never changed was her hairy snatch. She loves having a hairy pussy.

Walleria bushy snatch cunt hair84

And so long as she’s in college, she’ll never shave!

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Plaid Skirts And Hairy Pussys

Veronica is so much into being a student that she has on her little plaid skirt…. And you just know what’s hidden under her plaid school girl skirt!

When she hikes that skirt up and pulls her panties over to the side… You guessed it! This hot college coed has a sexy hairy pussy!

Veronica spreads her legs hairy pussy22

Then when she spreads her legs… You can see all of her hairy pussy! And deep inside of her….

Veronica spreads her legs hairy pussy23

She’s not hiding anything behind her pubic hair -it’s the same exact snatch we’ve known and loved for years! But now with window dressing!

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Student’s Hairy Beaver

Nomi is in her first year of college and she’s got a wonderful, beautiful, hairy surprise. When she pulls down her panties – surprise – she’s got hairy little snatch! She spreads her legs… Yeah, she’s got it going on.

It’s her dirty little secret. She’s never told anyone, and the only people who know have seen her naked. And what a damn shame too… Because it’s such a beautiful little hairy beaver!

Nomi bushy cunt17

Seems now that she’s online, her hairy beaver is not much of a secret now!

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Curly Pubic Hair

Klea was too horny to be a college student. She’s about to drop out. It’s all because of her hairy pussy. She likes playing with her hairy pussy, trying to twirl her curly pubic hair… And it’s so distracting.

She’ll be sitting there in class and she’ll be thinking of playing with her pubic hair….

Klea bushy pussy 1

And it’s no wonder why. Her pussy is so hairy and so curly it’s not funny!

Klea bushy pussy 2

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Hot Coed Has Hairy Pussy

Candy is the perfect little teen hottie… Young, perfect titties – nice and big for a teen chick! – and with a beautiful hairy pussy! When she pulls her panties down around her thighs it’s smoking hot!

That’s a lot of pubic hair for a teen… Looks like she hasn’t shaved for a long time!

Candy loves hairy pussy66

Watching a hot teen chick like Candy stripping down, watching her panties drop down below her hairy pussy….

Candy loves hairy pussy67

It’s never ever been hotter!

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